How to play online Blackjack

First of all I need to explain that playing Blackjack online is just the same as having
a gamble in a land-based casino.So I might as well just explain the rules of Blackjack.
The game is very easy to play and what is most fun that there is not only luck involved,
but one can use strategies to get more successful in the game.

The game goal is to get more points than the bank without exceeding the limit of 21 points.
This is why the game is also called “21”.So how do you score points in Blackjack? By receiving cards
and adding up their values. Cards with numbers on them just count there number as point value.
So a 3 is worth three points, a 4 is four points and so on. Jacks, Queens and Kings count ten points.
The ace is a special card in Blackjack. It counts either one point or eleven points whatever is better
for your hand. For example you are holding a 4 in your hand and you receive an ace.
Then you have 15 points together. If you choose to take another card and it is a 8,
than you will have a point value of 13, because the ace now only counts one point.
Counting the ace as eleven points would make the hand exceed the limit of 21 and therefore you would loose.
The great thing about the online Blackjack is that you automatically see,
what the value of your hand is at all times and you don’t have to sum up the numbers yourself.
The computer already knows when it’s best to use an ace as one point and when eleven points.

As soon as you think, that you are close enough to 21 and higher than the bank’s hand,
you will stop taking cards from the pack. The limit for taking new cards is somewhere
between 13 and 18 points, depending on how risky you are. Holding 18 cards in your hand and taking
another one is a very risky thing cause everything above a 3 will make you loose the game,
no matter what the bank holds. Whereas taking another card when standing on 13 points is ok
cause only a very high card will make you exceed the 21 points and there is a quite small chance
that the bank will have less than 13 points. If you do in the end have a higher hand than
the bank and you have less than 21 points you win and receive double your bet back. If you get a King,
Queen or a Jack and an ace you have a Blackjack, which is exactly 21 points and that pays 3 to 2!
That’s the basic game and after playing a few fun rounds you will surely understand the game.

There are some other things one can do in Blackjack though.
For example if the first two cards are the same value you can split your hand.
That means you start playing two games at once. For the second game you put the same bet as for the first
and then you just play with two hands instead of one. In each round and for each hand you can choose to stand
(not to take another card) or to hit (receive another card). For example splitting two Jacks can be a very
strong move.Then you have good chances of winning two games in one round.
The first card the bank receive is always open, so according to his first card you can decide what risk to take.
In the last example with receiving two Jacks,I would only split if the bank didn’t get a picture card or an ace.

There is one more thing you can do when playing blackjack. If all the rules were too much for you already
you can stop reading here and just start playing the game to get a feel for it.
Doubling up can be a great move to make you a bigger win. You double up you bet when you are convinced
that by receiving one more card you can win the game. Than you receive one more cards and that’s it.
Or you win double or you loose double.
The final thing possible at Blackjack s to play safe when you see the first card of the bank is
high and it is likely that he will have a Blackjack and therefore beat you. You can put half of
your bet on the side and if te bank really gets the Blackjack you will only loose half.
If he will not half Blackjack your bet is gone. It is also a small feature of the game that can
make the game more interesting for the ones who are already playing it for years.

I hope you are not exhausted from all these rules here, because Blackjack is a real fun game to play.
The odds are great and you can keep thinking a little at the game instead of just pressing one button
all the time. Just download the software of Club Dice Casino and have a few fun rounds without playing
for real money. You will see the game is really very easy and also that the winning chance are really good.
Have fun!